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Developing the Practice of Mindfulness & Meditation

Developing the Practice of Mindfulness & Meditation

Join us at Zen Mind Space as we learn about mindfulness and meditation.

Wednesday, February 19, 2020
6:30 PM - 8:00 PM (EST)

Event Details

Join us at Zen Mind Space as we learn about meditation and mindfulness as well as the benefits of incorporating these into your daily life. This 60 minute event will include a 20 minute lecture followed by a 40 minute guided meditation led by one of Zen Mind Space's lead instructors.
This event is OPEN TO ALL MEMBERS! Have a friend who wants to come who isn't a member of Emerge Broward? They can join online at and then register for this event.
Why Mindfulness?
Greater strength, emotional agility and courage. A mindfulness practice (like meditation) teaches us that we cannot get rid of all our problems. Instead, mindfulness teaches us how to handle those problems with greater strength, emotional agility, and courage, and how to use problems as lessons and bridges to higher consciousness.
What is Guided Meditation?
Guided meditation is when you are guided, by a narrator, to elicit a specific change in your life. You are first guided to relax your body and mind, to help you reach a deep meditative state before going on a journey, in your mind, to reach a specific goal.
As the brain does not distinguish between an imagined event and a real one, the experience you have with a guided meditation is just like having a real experience. This has an amazing effect on your life due to the way the brain works. Practicing guided meditation can bring about change in your body by using your mind, can activate muscles, change your biological state, and even the cells in your body.

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