About Us

Emerge Broward is an independent 501(c)3 organization specifically designed to meet the unique needs of young professionals aged 21-35 in the community by promoting leadership and personal development through networking, community involvement, and educational opportunities. 

Mission Statement

To identify the emerging leaders and young professionals of Broward County, connect them with each other and current leaders in the community, develop their ability to serve as community trustees, and engage them within the community.

Vision Statement

To be the leading organization for young professionals dedicated to maximizing the impact on our community by:

  • Promoting personal, professional, and leadership development
  • Fostering a strong, engaged community network
  • Facilitating personal connections and professional partnerships
  • Serving as a catalyst for economic growth 

Organizational Structure

Emerge Broward is comprised of four autonomous committees based on the pillars of the organization as outlined in the mission statement: IDENTIFY, CONNECT, DEVELOP and ENGAGE. Each committee meets monthly and provides a variety of events and activities to advance their purposes. Each committee has co-chairs with specific responsibilities. Additionally, each co-chair serves on the Leadership Team, led by two overall co-chairs. We also have a PR committee that is focused on promoting the organization in the community.

Membership Structure

Emerge Broward’s membership structure consists of three tiered levels:

  • General Members
  • Committee Members
  • Leadership Team Members

All paid members are considered General Members. Any General Member can subsequently serve on one or more of the four committees: Identify, Connect, Develop, and Engage. These committees are responsible for planning and implementing the various events and opportunities for the general membership. Committee members have the opportunity to volunteer as Project Managers to plan and implement specific committee events for the general membership.

General members with an interest in providing leadership to the organization can apply for a role as a Committee Co-Chair. Committee Co-Chairs also serve as members of the Leadership Team, which is responsible for overseeing and guiding the activities of the organization.

Additionally, Emerge Broward members who “age out” of the organization (i.e., once they turn 36) can join the EB Alumni Program as alumni members. Alumni members are provided unique opportunities to engage with other alumni and interact with current EB members as event hosts, speakers, and mentors.


Leadership Team

The Leadership Team consists of current EB members and has the responsibility of coordinating communication and providing support to the committees while ensuring that all activities promote the mission and vision of Emerge Broward.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consists of EB Alumni Members who manage the operations and finances of the organization and are responsible for the overall success of the organization.